Our Story

The idea behind Keza Boutique began out of curiosity in 2019 while folding my baby's blankets. I thought to myself "these can't be that hard to make!"

So later that afternoon, with baby in tow, I went to my local department store and bought a handheld sewing machine and thread, and came home and scoured for some fabric.

I was in for a big surprise! I couldn't thread the machine, let alone sew a straight line!

But I was hooked! In the years since, I have completed quite a few sewing projects, many in the wee hours of the morning.

Today, you'll find a collection of items here made by me and many artisans around the world, including Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and India.

I hope these items; unique and vibrant, bring you as much joy and confidence as they do me and that you'll be compelled to share them with others.

Welcome, please stay a while!

Much Love,